Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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About MTA

The Malaysia Tutor Association ( MTA ) is the only Association of its kind in Malaysia and it represents tutoring organizations and educational tutors throughout Malaysia.

Currently MTA have 175 tuition centers and 700 teachers. We reached about 21000 students at 2011.

The MTA has been formed in recognition of the need to unify the tutoring industry nationally. It aims to represent tutors and tutoring organizations, act as a lobby group and raise the standard of tutoring in Malaysia.

All of our members share this vision. They are all committed to helping students. Within one year, Our members reached 175 tuition centre all over Malaysia. This founding group of individuals who had been actively engaged in national organizations for many years communicated their mutual desire to develop an association that would be governed by and guided by its members.

The founding group determined that elections would be held at each year’s conference. Nominees would then be able to speak before the membership, and the members would be better able to acquaint themselves with the candidates and their perspectives. It was also determined that elections would be conducted at the meeting and the results made public before the end of the conference.

The conference, itself, would be scheduled yearly, and would offer a range of workshops and presentations that would bring information to tutors, tutor trainers and administrators. In addition, with an eye toward budgetary constraints, it was also decided that a series of on-line workshops would be offered to supplement the yearly conference and bring training to participants the year round.

All of the founders believe that certifying tutors and tutor trainers will bring rich rewards to the tutoring profession and to each tutorial program, so it was decided that certification would be offered through the MTA.