Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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Joining the MTA

MTA membership carries a certain responsibility. The letters 'MATA' indicate that a tutor or tutoring organisation is a member of the MTA. Members can use the MTA logo in advertising to promote the fact that they are members and uphold the high aspirations of the Association.

Membership means strict adherence to the MTA Code of Conduct. The Code serves both as a guide to members, as well as protecting them. Upholding the Code of Conduct should ensure that there is consistence and predictability for the practitioners and their clients

MTA membership also gives members certain entitlements. Such entitlements include:

  • A quartely e-newsletter
  • Investigation into the unscrupulous practices of non-members and complaints made by the MTA to relevant regulatory bodies where appropriate
  • Information about trends in education and tutoring in Malaysia
  • The opportunity to be involved in research to 'map' tutoring in Malaysia - its development, growth, benefits and value to mainstream education
  • Joining a network of like-minded professionals who aspire to accountable and responsible practices in education

Other benefits include:

  • The benefit of any lobbying the MTA conducts on behalf of members
  • The benefit of a public profile due to the good reputation of the MTA and its members
  • The benefit of a structured forum for the resolution of disputes, should they arise
  • The benefit of any in-servicing or courses on different aspects of tutoring, education and consumer protection that may be offered from time to time
  • The benefit of joining in open forums with respect to any legislation that affects, or is likely to affect what tutors and tutoring organisations do
  • The benefit of research done on the tutoring industry that informs best practice
  • The benefit of receiving news about the latest trends in educational research that is relevant to tutoring

In the event of an MTA member not following the Code of Conduct then an investigation, which could lead to suspension and/or expulsion may follow.

New Members
If you qualify for membership, share the same values and ethics and would like to join the MTA, please complete the attached Membership Form and send it to: